A sweet online video series for your kids: Olive Us


I first discovered Olive Us through Design Mom, whose children star in it, and knew my kids would love it. Each video is short and feels very folksy, and my kids are riveted each time we watch one. I signed up long ago for the email updates, so each time a video is released, we all watch it.

As for “what” Olive Us is, here’s a snippet from their website:

With Olive Us, we created a portrait of kids (siblings) who interacted in constructive, supportive, non-snarky, non-sarcastic, loving, realistic, non-sappy, tenable ways. We wanted a portrait of children tackling big projects, meaningfully working together, exploring new places and practices, and trying new things.

Our favorite episode is Betty in Paris, which is also the most popular. It makes me want to go to Paris immediately.



Sidenote: I’m loving the shallow depth of field trend in photography and cinematography these days.

Have you seen these sweet videos? Are you booking your trip to Paris yet?

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