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A few months ago, I had a crazy idea. I found myself scouring the web, as usual, looking for unique articles. I have my regular spots to find good reads, but sometimes even those were duds. I wondered if there were people like me, who appreciated an inspirational read online–and not on that had been passed among the masses via Facebook. I felt like finding those good spots for well-curated links was time-consuming. I wanted quality reading and needed to move on with my regularly programmed life that involves house-keeping, bill-paying, and raising human beings.

What if you could have a reading list with links around the web, delivered and customized just for you?

Sure, there are businesses that capitalize on being finders, like ZiteMediumAlltopDigg, and Stumpleupon among others, but these were “sites,” a little robotic, and plus…they were yielding to the masses’ interests. I emailed a friend about this idea, with the notion that you could have a “curator” comb through the Buzzfeed how-tos and Grantland stats to find the good stuff. The stuff that makes you cry, laugh, and impulsively hit the nearest Share button. vintage-family-computer


It turns out that there is nothing new under the sun, of course, and this same friend sent me this article today, which suggests that one day, we’ll begin to pay for people to curate reading for us from the web. (I love the term “content concierge”). There’s two possibilities for this curation–one is for someone to spend hours and hours on the web finding the good stuff, and the other is for well known individuals to give you their findings. The worker bee would have the time to curate a list just for you. And the others would provide their own, allowing you to combine them–maybe one from your favorite magazine, another from Seth Godin, or another from a happiness researcher.

Still seem like a crazy idea? Maybe this quote from the first episode in Downton (yes, everything goes back to Downton here lately) will give you some insight on our initial reflexes to new-fangled ideas.

electricity   What do you think? Would you pay a weekly or monthly fee for links delivered just for you?

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